The Brush Collective

Until 27 December 2024

The Brush Collective

Experience the best of London’s entertainment and talent every week at The Brush Cocktail bar & Lounge! The Brush Collective will bring live music to The Brush Lounge every Friday and Saturday, from 9pm to midnight.

About The Brush Collective:

The Brush Collective is an exciting new music group based in Shoreditch, known for their vibrant performances and infectious energy. Established at the recently opened art’otel London Hoxton, this talented ensemble of musicians brings a fresh twist to classic covers, creating an atmosphere that keeps the good vibes rolling well into the night. With a deep connection to the local art scene and a passion for live music, The Brush Collective is quickly becoming a staple in Shoreditch’s nightlife, captivating audiences with their dynamic sound and engaging performances.

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